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Outdoor heaters are a great way to make your home’s roof, deck, patio, or terrace more cozy and comfortable, even on the chilliest nights. Entertaining friends or family on a cold night can become even more enjoyable with one of Rock Electrics premium outdoor patio heaters backing you up, giving you a much better ambiance.

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With the arrival of winter season, people start taking their get-togethers and meetups indoors to enjoy the cozy environment inside. However, it is no secret that an outdoor setting has its own class and many people want to enjoy the fresh air but not the associated cold. For that purpose and a lot more, Rock Electric’s outdoor patio heaters are the perfect solution.

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Benefits of Electric Outdoor Patio Heaters

Electric outdoor heaters offer a wide range of benefits to families and businesses alike, the major ones being low power consumption and safety. This has a lot to do with electric heat pumps requiring less power, and in, turn costing less. Rock Electric offers Bromic outdoor electric heaters and Infratech patio heaters, each with innovative technologies that make them much more efficient than traditional heaters. Other than the obvious benefits, there are many others that justify the use of outdoor patio heaters.

Installation Surface

Patios can be used for multiple purposes, including entertaining guests, relaxing, reading, cooking, etc. However, all of this is only possible when sitting outside is comfortable and not laced with biting cold.

Unfortunately, patios are only accessible at the end of the spring season, summer, or start of autumn. In winters, it becomes almost impossible to relax outdoors, let alone stay for long periods. However, for most people, winter nights are especially relishing because of the lack of pesky insects and the calm atmosphere.

Invest in one of Rock Electric’s affordable and efficient electric heaters now, to extend your outdoor season. We specialize in outdoor living spaces; turning your 3-season space into a year-round living space for your family to enjoy.

Safe To Operate

Rock Electric offers outdoor heaters that are not only efficient and easy, but also safe to operate. This, in the sense, that they do not produce any open flame, which might ignite leaking natural gas or heat up any part of the appliance’s frame. Instead, the frame stays cool to the touch so as to reduce danger to your children and pets.

Another advantage that our electric heaters offer is their safe, rubber coated wires; while our team of experienced electricians ensures that the wiring is as concealed as possible to lower the risk of electric shocks. Moreover, the lack of natural gas flowing through a pipe further lowers the risk of leakage.

Most electric outdoor patio heaters also have an added measure; a safety valve on the side to automatically shut the outdoor heater down in case of malfunction, or if the heater gets tipped over by accident.

Aesthetic Improvements

Outdoor patio heaters are versatile in their shape and size. This allows more placement options and gives more aesthetic satisfaction to you. You can buy outdoor heaters that can be placed like lamps in the middle of your patio, hung from the ceiling like tube lights, attached along the wall-lines or even placed on the ground along the patio’s border! The possibilities are endless!

Heaters also have the option of two different types of switches that you can attach to a pillar, on the arm of a sofa or simply on the surface of a table to give your patio a more sophisticated look. You can choose between the single-button switch or the timer switch; both of which have their added benefits.

Affordable & Reliable

Rock Electric offers outdoor heaters that are both affordable and reliable. As a family-owned business, we always endeavor to provide our clients with quality service that reflects our superior values and dedication.

All the safety features and low fuel consumption technologies, coupled with our top-notch services as Seattle’s premier electricians, make your investment truly worth every dime. Offering a premium look and feel while giving you the reliability, so you can enjoy your winter nights outdoors without a single worry!

At Rock Electric, keeping in mind our promise of delivering only the best, we offer outdoor heaters manufactured by the top names in the market, Bromic, and Infratech.

What Kind of Heaters Does Rock Install?

Bromic heater

Bromic Outdoor Electric Heaters

Bromic is one of the finest outdoor heaters companies whose products can be found in many of the world’s top shopping centers, hotels, and casinos, such as Westfield, Sheraton, Marriot, Selfridges & Co, MGM Grand Las Vegas, etc.

Bromic heaters use Smart-Heath™ technology, the reason why the outdoor heaters provided by Rock Electric are much more efficient than ordinary heaters.

Rock Electric can provide customers with Bromic outdoor electric heaters with three different types of cores:

  • Cobalt
  • Tungsten
  • Platinum

These premium materials allow better electric conduction and therefore more efficiency, making them the ideal choice for outdoor heating.

Infratech Patio Heater

Infratech Patio Heaters

Infratech is one of the most premium residential and commercial infrared outdoor patio heater makers. Infratech heaters have a wide range of elegant designs; each classier, convenient, and more intelligent than the first.

Rock Electric can provide customers with three different types of Infratech heaters:

  • W – Single Element
  • WD – Dual Element
  • Slim Line

These fixtures all come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and intensity with the WD – dual element being the most powerful of the three. The elegant design on these heaters means that they can be mounted high up, or low near the floor, and can easily blend in with the furniture and fittings of your patio.

Why Rock Electric

Electric outdoor heaters require trained and experienced electricians to carefully install them to avoid any hiccups in its functionality. The installation process can get very complicated, and one slight mistake can end up causing a lot of problems, both in the process and in the appliance’s function.

There are a number of outdoor patio heater stores out there, but our promise of premium service is something we can boast about without fail! We are always on our toes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Warmth and movement mean life, and nothing is livelier than a reliable outdoor heater that allows you to take your parties outside, and take in the insect-free winter nights without worrying about catching a cold.

Rock Electric has a team of professional and licensed electricians serving Seattle, Issaquah, and Bellevue, with years of experience of outdoor patio heaters installation under our belt. Our dedication to delivering the finest products and services is only rivaled with our commitment to keep you satisfied post-sale. From Bromic to Infratech, whatever your outdoor patio heater requirement is, just let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Recessed Heater in ceiling
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