Hot Tub Hookups

Hot tubs are a great way to calm your nerves, relax your muscles, and relieve yourself of all the stress that comes with a hectic daily routine. In addition to giving you a great place to unwind after a long day at work, hot tubs can be a fun activity for the entire family. 

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Looking forward to getting your very own hot tub? There are many aspects of the installation process and the type of hot tub you may want to get, that you need to look into before you buy one.

Hot tub installation may seem like a straightforward process – with the only requirements being a solid, level place in your background, electricity, and a garden hose installed nearby. However, it’s not that simple; from the hot tub wiring to the type of base best suited for the hot tub of your choice, everything has to be looked into meticulously so that there is absolutely no chance of a mishap. At Rock Electric, we ensure that your investment not only significantly improves the aesthetic value of your backyard, but also provides you, and your family, a source of relief from physical and mental stress.

Hot Tub Installation –
How Is It Done?

A hot tub is usually delivered by a crew, to your location, on a flatbed truck. From there, the hot tub is transferred to a special cart and moved to the desired spot inside your home. Depending on the type of existing surface, you may need to get a little bit of work done to ensure your hot tub functions optimally.

Installation Surface

Usually, hot tubs are installed on a concrete pad or a modified and reinforced deck. However, not every tub has the same installation requirements. Some hot tubs do not require a concrete surface.

Existing Ground Level Patios

This option works great for customers with an existing concrete patio that is level surfaced. In such a case, no additional construction is required for hot tub installation. However, these patios can be pitched for drainage or become downtrodden over years of use. It is important to check existing patios as slight bumps can be found using wooden shims.

Poured Concrete Hot Tub Pad

In the absence of an already existing spot, you can get a poured concrete pad made for your hot tub. A concrete pad is an excellent option because it creates a solid base for the hot tub to rest on.

Crushed Stone Base

An inexpensive way to prepare your backyard for a new hot tub is by using a base made up of crushed stone. Although it is not the most solid base, it is easy on the wallet. This is done by digging up the ground, generally a few inches bigger than the hot tub’s dimensions. The base is then set by using crushed stone and placing the hot tub; with the weight of the tub leveling the ground.

Hot Tub Electrical Installation

House Electrical Panel

Hot tubs are electrically powered and consist of complex hot tub wiring that needs to be configured cautiously to avoid any issues with its functions.Most hot tubs in the market are either 110V or 220V. The 110V tub is also referred to as the ‘plug-and-play’ model. As the name implies, these tubs can be plugged into a regular 110V wall socket without the need for a specialist electrician. However, they take longer to heat and consist of only one 1.5 hp pump.

The 220V hot tubs are usually bigger, advanced models that require a strong hot tub power hookup, including 30-50 Amp power, along with a hardwired 4-wire GFCI breaker for added protection against an electrical shock. Some of the older homes function with obsolete electrical setups that still run on 100A panels – which is incapable of supporting a hot tub electrical hook up. If you’re not sure of your home’s electrical panel – it is important to have it verified by a professional electrician before proceeding with a hot tub installation.

Post Installation Hot Tub Maintenance

Added to the water in your spa to further purify it and increase the effectiveness of your session. There are multiple remedies available for hot tubs purification and the most commonly used methods are chlorine, bromine, ozone, or the saltwater system. It is important to note that only one should be used at a time, as using multiple elements can prove harmful.

Chemicals are added when the water is filled for the first time after hot tub installation; once the water has reached a certain level of temperature. This is because chemicals dissolve easily in a heated hot tub (at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Furthermore, it is also important to check the acid/alkaline level of the water. It should linger around the pH rating of 7.6-8.2 in order to remain safe and beneficial for human contact.

People who look to ensure further cleanliness of their spa and hot tub water can also add spa water clarifiers. These products ensure that the water and the hot tub remains free of scum-lines and odors caused by oils secreted from the human body or any cosmetic product that might have contaminated the water.

Blue hot tub in backyard

Why You Need a Hot Tub

According to the US National Library of Medicine, post-exercise exhausted muscles recover better when warmed rather than when they are chilled. In light of the study, a hot tub in the backyard is the best place to go to when you come home from legs day.

It doesn’t have to be a physically strenuous day for you to enjoy the hot tub in the backyard either. Hot tubs also ease off the mental stress that overburdens you after a tiring day at work.

Furthermore, it is recommended by the Arthritis Research Campaign as a superb way to apply heat to joints that may be affected by arthritis. Reduction in joint stiffness and greater flexibility are an added bonus.

Man relaxing in hot tub

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Hot Tub

The benefits of a hot tub are clear: relaxation, water therapy and just pure fun are all compelling reasons to want a hot tub. If you’re in the market during the colder months, you may even be tempted to leap at seasonal discounts offered by many hot tub manufacturers. Before you leap on a good deal, there are several key things you need to consider before you purchase a hot tub. There may be steps you need to take, and contractors to reach out to before you buy your hot tub or swim spa.

One of the first things to consider is where you will put the hot tub.

Hot tubs need to be placed on a completely level surface to avoid damaging the frame of the tub. If you have a deck or patio that is large enough to accommodate the hot tub, you’re in pretty good shape as long as the surface is level and the deck can bear the weight. You will also want to be sure the hot tub will be located near an outlet. If there is not an exterior outlet nearby, an electrician will need to evaluate your electrical panel for available space, and possibly install a new outlet near the location of the hot tub.

If you want to install your hot tub near your home, you will again need to be certain that an outlet is nearby. If you intend to place the hot tub on the ground, the surface must be level. You do not need to have a concrete slab poured, but if your ground is rocky or uneven, you may need to hire a contractor to dig out a level surface. You may also want to consider laying down level stones or tile to rest the hot tub on, to avoid getting the ground too wet and soggy (which may lead to the hot tub sinking over time).

Don’t forget the stairs! Depending on the type of hot tub you purchase, you may need to have steps installed to safely get in and out.

Consider the cost of maintaining the hot tub.

Aside from the costs associated with purchasing and installing a hot tub, there are yearly costs to consider including:

  • RChemicals and treatments to keep the water healthy.
  • RElectricity costs.
  • RTime investments to maintain the hot tub.
  • RParts and accessory replacements every 12-24 months.

Ask about delivery and installation services.

Be sure to talk to sales reps about the delivery and installation process. Some discount hot tub dealers will expect you to arrange for delivery and installation. Other dealers have services available in house to get your hot tub set up where you need it to go.

Our team is happy to work with you and your hot tub dealer to find the right time for a hot tub hookup. We can schedule around the installation so that you can start enjoying your hot tub right away! Call us at 253-999-9814 to book your hot tub hookup.

Why Rock Electric

Rock Electric is the number one source for all your hot tub installation needs. From helping you acquire a permit, to setting up the hot tub all ready for use, Rock Electric takes care of everything, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the buoyancy of your new hot tub.

Our expert technicians and experienced professionals ensure that no corners are left untouched. Adding all the required chemicals with the right balance to get your hot tub 100% ready for you to experience the healing effects of hydrotherapy, with Rock Electric, there isn’t a single thing you have to worry about.