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Power outages and breakdowns affect every household. With the increased number of natural disasters hitting the United States in the last few years, vast regions have been affected by power outages and breakdowns.

Many people have opted for generator installation as a reliable alternative in case of power outage. With damaged power lines and grid stations, power resumption can take weeks. Not opting for a backup power source can cause heavy damage. At the micro level, families are affected adversely. The children and elderly in particular, are opened to risks such as lack of food, heating, and washing.

Waiting for the power to resume through the grid can cost you thousands of dollars, or worse, lives. We must be prepared for the worst scenario and the solution lies in using a residential backup generator as a backup power source.

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Benefits of Installing a Generator

Having a residential backup generator is important for a home because several factors can cause a power outage. With a significant amount of load on the national grid, power fluctuations and outages have become increasingly common.

Coupled with the increasing number of natural disasters – having a power generator looks more like an insurance policy than a luxury. You never know when you might need it, but the added assurance ensures you’re covered in times of need.

Seattle gets a lot of rain and strong winds during a storm, which can cause power lines and transformers to break or get damaged. This can potentially result in a power outage that can last from a couple of hours to a few days.

Without a reliable residential backup generator, here are some of the things that could be affected…

Access To Communication

The internet won’t work, and the phone’s battery will barely survive a few hours. With no television, there is no access to news and reports about the situation across the region in case of an emergency.


Alarm systems, electrical door locks, outdoor lighting, etc. are dependent on electricity. In case of a power outage, these security parameters will be useless.

The property will be open to theft which is increasingly common in times of chaos, such as a flood. The threat to the safety of the lives of people in the house is worse than potential material damage.

Generator installation not only keeps up your outdoor lighting but also keeps your security systems intact.

Food and Drinks

Food is perishable and devoid of fridge cooling, it will start rotting in a few hours. In case of a power outage and without a power generator, you will quickly run out of food items.

Peace of Mind

Having a quality generator ready when nature and unforseen circumstance impact your home gives you peace of mind. You’ll know that your family will always be warm and safe.

Why Is A Standby Generators Better Than Portable?

Standby Permanent Installed Generator

If you survey the generator market, there are two dominant types of generators that are more commonly used to power homes: portable generators and standby generators.

Standby generators are specifically built to power households and cater to the various appliances that one may find in a house. Portable generators, on the other hand, were initially manufactured to cater to small machines in case of a power outage, before making their way to the residential generator market.

Let’s take a look at their core differences in detail.


Start-Up Time

The power just went out in your home. What’s next? In case of a portable generator, you will have to make your way to the generator in the darkness. The entire process is manual and tedious – retrieving the generator, checking the fuel, starting it, and plugging it. In stark contrast, with a standby generator, you are left in the dark for a few seconds only. The power is back on in a matter of seconds without you having to move an inch. Even if you are not at home when a power outage occurs, you can be assured that you will not come home to be welcomed by darkness.

Energy Source

Upon its installation, a standby generator is attached to the gas line. In case of a diesel powered one, there is ample space in the tank to store backup diesel. This eases your worries about rushing to refuel and storing additional fuel. On the contrary, portable generators require you to keep extra fuel around. In case of a fuel shortage or fuel degrades, the generator can face start-up issues. As generators are usually used in an emergency situation, portable generators pose a threat of letting you down in case you forget to stack up on fuel.

Power Output

Standby generators are specifically manufactured to power entire homes without making choices between the fridge and the air conditioner. With power outputs ranging from 22 kW and upwards, the entire house is fully functional. Even if you want to cut back on fuel consumption, it is possible to wire a standby generator to designated circuits in the house. Portable generators offer comparatively lesser power output ranging from 5kW to 10 kW typically. For larger homes, it means choosing between the lounge fan and room fan. Even for middle-sized homes, it still means the core appliances will not work.



Portable generators are not built for indoor use, especially due to the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide they emit. With 500 to 4000 grams of CO emission per hour, portable generators pose a serious threat to people close by and the environment at large. However, with standby generators, there are no grave environmental consequences involved. If installed correctly, standby generators are 100% safe. This is where Rock Electric comes in. Led by a team of professional, trustworthy electricians, you can count on us to deliver quality services at the most affordable rates. Keeping in mind your safety, and ease of use, we strive to win our clients’ trust through exceptional services.

Why Rock Electric

Residential backup generators are an important and significant investment for the safety and convenience of your family. Backup generator installation requires highly trained and professional electricians to carefully look into several aspects, including local codes, safety protocols to avoid any mishaps during or after installation, concealed wiring to maintain the aesthetics of your home, etc. Furthermore, due to the various degrees of parameters that influence the installation (such as kWs and RPM frequency), standby generators require professional surveillance and management.

At Rock Electric, our team of experienced and licensed Seattle electricians are well-versed with generator installation for homes of all sizes. Offering you a range of products, including Generac, Kohler, and Cummins, among many others, you can trust us as Seattle’s premium electricians to install your residential backup generator and provide exceptional customer service, so you don’t have to worry about power outages ever again! Rock Electric will help coordinate the gas installation, handle the delivery of the unit, do a startup with the customer when the install is complete and show the customer how everything works. We will also be available for all future services that will be needed. At Rock Electric we want to be a one-stop shop for everything you need when it comes to your generator installation and maintenance.

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