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It is, without a doubt, more convenient to charge a car at home than finding a station and leaving the car there. More than 80% of all hybrid or electric car owners prefer to charge their car in their homes, and that is possible because of a convenient, standard 120V outlet that can be plugged directly into the car. However, they are extremely slow. The best way to charge your car at home efficiently is to have an EV charging station installed.

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EV home charging stations can assist electric car owners by not only saving them money in the long run, but also by saving them time on trips to local car charging stations and long queues. Before getting into why we need it, it is important to understand that modern electric cars have the actual chargers already built in them. All you have to do is give them a power supply to convert.

Actually, what you get mounted on your wall by an electrician is not the ‘charger’ but an ‘Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment’ or EVSE. It is commonly named a charging station, which is, in a sense, right. We shall refer to EVSE as electric vehicle charging stations here for simplicity. Rock Electric’s highly trained and experienced electricians can help you install an EV charging station and recharge your car to its full capacity in one night.

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Benefits Of Having An EV Charging Station At Home

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Getting an EV charging station installed at your home can help you save cost. Although the initial investment might seem daunting, the overall money the investment will save you is worth it. Charging a 100 mile-range depleted battery would only cost you the same as running an air conditioning unit for six hours.

General Motors has estimated that the average energy on a running Chevy Volt is 2520 kWh, much less than what a typical water heater costs annually! A study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute in 2018 stated that where an EV costs $485 per year, a gasoline vehicle costs around $1,117 per year! Rock Electric’s professional electricians always make sure that there are no external leakages in your system, effectively helping you saving more on each charge.

Electric is Here To Stay

Electric vehicles are the future. They are efficient, safe for the environment, and much more convenient for users. This means that investing in an electric car and its charger is a safe investment and will pay you back, and then some! This investment won’t ask for an upgrade any time soon!



Having an EV charging station at home can also save you time as you don’t have to stop at charging stations time after time to recharge your car. Additionally, you won’t have to subscribe to any charging networks or different connectors.

Start Fully Charged

With an electric vehicle charging station at home, you can simply plug your car in at night and find your car fully charged in the morning, and that too, at a lower cost. This means that you won’t have to concern yourself about having to find a stop between work and home and can run your errands without worry! You can focus on your work and your family live without having to worry about taking the time to recharge your car.

Types of EV Home Charging Stations

Level 1 Ev Charging

Level 1

Level 1 chargers are the normal 120-volt connections that can be inserted into any standard household AC outlet. The charging rate of level 1 charging stations is about 2 to 5 miles per hour, depending on the vehicle type.

These chargers usually come with the car and can be connected at home or office whenever you feel like you need a charge. Before plugging your car into a socket, make sure that the outlet isn’t powering any other appliances. The problem with level 1 charging stations is that they are extremely slow.

Level 2 EV Charging

Level 2

Level 2 chargers need a 240V AC plug, much like the one you plug your air conditioner into, and are much faster than level 1 chargers. The rate of charging for level 2 chargers is about 10 to 60 miles per hour. This is the most suitable type of EV charging station for all types of electric vehicles.

The downside of level 2 charging stations is that they require an experienced electrician to install, something we at Rock Electric pride ourselves in. We can install the charging station quickly, neatly and properly, so that you don’t have to face any problems in the future.

Installation becomes a lot trickier in places where an electrical service upgrade is required. Rock Electric’s electricians are experienced in that as well and can help you install an EV home charging station of your choice, all while complying with the safety codes and regulation of your state and reducing the hazard risk to zero.

Level 3 EV Charging

Level 3

Level 3 charging stations are fast and use very high voltage to charge EVs. Their charging rate is 90 to 130 miles in just 30 minutes, depending on the car’s model.

However, these chargers are extremely expensive, both in installation and upkeep. Using these chargers consistently might also damage the car’s battery and therefore result in even more expenses. They aren’t recommended for home installation.

Difference Between Level 1 & Level 2 EV Charging Stations

While level 1 chargers are convenient and can be plugged into any socket, anywhere, the flaw it hangs around its neck is too problematic. It can take up to 10 hours just to charge 40 miles!

For a commute of 20 miles, with a charger at work, you will have to plug your EV with a Level 1 charger in for 5 hours both at work and at home to fully charge your battery. With a level 2 charger, you will only have to charge it for two hours!

If your commute is 40 miles, the charging rate will increase to 10 hours with a level 1 charger, charging both at work and home! Some people don’t even work that long! This might increase if you have to run some errands. With a level 2 charger, your time will decrease to 1 hour and 30 minutes!

As your commute increases, you will have to charge a long time, even 20 hours a day to get to a full charge! A level 2 charger will take up to 4 or 4.5 hours to fully charge your battery!

Level 3 chargers can reduce that time significantly, no doubt, but getting those installed is very expensive! We’re talking over tens of thousands of dollars! Plus, you can’t leave your car on charge on a level 3 charger at night like you can a level 2 charger because the high voltage might end up frying your battery!

Why Rock Electric

EV home charging stations require professional and experienced electricians that can keep an account of all the intricacies involved in the installation process. The slightest mistake can create a potentially dangerous environment. Complications can also result in leakages and losses, effectively nullifying the positive impact an EV charging station is supposed to have. Rock Electric offers a solution to this by promising premium service to all. As a family-owned business, we are always careful to ensure that no compromise is made in regards to quality when it comes to our customers. Offering services in Seattle, Issaquah, and Bellevue, our teams are always ready to go the extra mile to give our clients a reliable and stress-free service.

In our mission to deliver the finest services, we have selected the best electricians that have installed scores of EV charging stations all over the U.S and have years of experience under their belts. Not only do we promise to give you premium services for the installation, but we also assure high quality after sales service for any questions or queries you might have! Saving time is tantamount to saving money, and having an EV charging station at home saves time like nothing else. So why not contact Rock Electric now, ask for a quote, and start saving money?

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