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Safety is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about home, and you can’t call your home safe unless it is devoid of any risks from electrical hazards. Unfortunately, many homes in the U.S. still have electrical panels that are outdated and in need of an upgrade.

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The electrical panel, also known as the “breaker box” is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It provides a bridge from your home to the power lines, one that protects you from overloads and other hazards.

An electrical panel replacement might seem simple and easy, but a simple mismatch could result in a number of problems. A faulty installation will leave your electrical system exposed to external factors such as weather or rust. This might also present a danger to you and your family, hence it is advised that you don’t take it upon yourself to replace your electrical panels and hire an experienced professional.

Rock Electric offers a wide range of electrical services, including electrical panel upgrades in homes all over King, Pierce, and Snohomish County. With a team of certified and highly experienced electricians, your safety, and excellent service are our top priorities.

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Why DO I Need To Get My Electrical Panel Replaced?


In many old homes, the electrical panels were installed at the time of their construction. No matter how state-of-the-art those panels were at the time, today there are a number of appliances that require power beyond what these panels can support.

Air conditioners, microwaves, and large refrigerators are some examples of the appliances that houses weren’t wired for in the past. Plugging these appliances into an old panel might pose life-threatening dangers to you and your family.

Fire Hazards

Older panels had a way of allowing people to work-around issues. It became common practice to place a coin instead of a fuse after the old one blew up to resume power supply until they fetched a newer one. This was a highly unsafe practice as the coin could heat up and cause a fire.

Outdated panels are known fire hazards in themselves as well, because of the mesh of wires that cross over each other in an arbitrary manner. One heated wire could damage another or simply come in contact with another to cause a chain reaction and lead to sparks, or worse, fire.

Getting an electrical panel replacement by Rock Electric is the safest bet, and for most houses in Seattle, a 150 to 200-amp box would be sufficient.



Another reason why you need to get your electrical panel replaced is convenience. The older panels “blow” their fuses when subjected to a power surge. You then have to remove the fuse, look for a replacement, and reinstall it. Modern panels only have a switch that turns off when the breaker trips. All you have to do is flip it back up.

However, poorly installed modern panels can be just as problematic if they keep tripping. At Rock Electric, our team has years of experience with installing, replacing and troubleshooting electrical panels in homes. We pride ourselves in being able to replace electrical panels quickly while following all the safety guidelines of your state.


Examples of Panels that need immediate upgrades: FEDERAL PACIFIC & ZINSCO panels need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you have an electrical box from one of these manufacturers, contact us right away.

Federal Pacific Panel

Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

Zinsco Panel

Zinsco Electrical Panels

More Reasons To Replace Your Panel

Sparking Sound

Loud popping noises or sparks coming from your circuit breaker might mean a loose connection between your circuit breaker and your home’s wiring. Loose connections are dangerous because they lead to a problem called “electrical arcing.” These loose connections could be the cause of worn out electrical points, a red flag for any electrical panel.

Corroded Panel

Rust and corrosion on an electrical panel imply that it is somehow being subjected to water. Any water damage on a panel is dangerous as it causes electricity leakage and discharge. Corroded or rusted panels should be immediately replaced.


If your appliances keep tripping your power, you definitely need an electrical panel that can withstand more power. As mentioned, older panels weren’t made to withstand air conditioners or large refrigerators. If you do install one on an outdated panel, they are bound to trip your breakers. Constantly tripping breakers mean that it is time for an upgrade.


A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a circuit breaker that shuts down electricity within 1/40th of a second in case of a ground-fault. It compares the amount of current flowing to and from equipment along the circuit conductors and if the amount flowing “to” differs from the amount “from” by 5 milliamperes or more, the GFCI breaker trips.

Older panels didn’t have this technology and thus, were a fire hazard. This is one of the first things the experienced electricians at Rock Electric see to determine whether an upgrade is required or not.


Although crowded wires inside an electrical box aren’t an inconvenience, they pose a safety hazard to those around. An electrical panel should allow professional electricians access to the breakers without the need to tug, shift, or hassle through a mesh of wires.

Overwiring is a trick some people use to skimp off cash and get more mileage out of a smaller panel. Although it might work in the start, the same can’t be said after the passage of some time as the heated wires and constantly flowing current starts eating up the panel’s material. Overcrowding and over wiring are also code violations in most locations.

It is recommended that you invest in a larger panel if you think the current panel is small for your needs. Ask Rock Electric’s expert electricians in Seattle, Issaquah, and Bellevue for a professional opinion now!

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How We Safely Replace Your Electrical Panel

Electrician working on Panel

Most states require a licensed electrician to perform this type of work. Rock Electric’s certified and experienced electricians are fully certified and can replace your electrical panels in a short period, all while coping with the safety regulations of your state. The electricians will come to your place fully prepared and with all the right equipment so that all tasks can be completed quickly, and without causing a single inconvenience. Our electricians will start by disconnecting the electric meter from your house to make sure working is safe. This will cut all the power from your panel. Then, your old electric panel and all the associated breakers will be removed.

Once removed, the electrician will make sure all your wiring is intact. If anything needs upgrading or fixing, perhaps your grounding has worn off, we will rectify the problem and then begin installing the new panel. Then comes the tricky part, and an untrained hand is bound to make mistakes. Our electrician makes sure all the connections are made properly, nothing is left exposed, and that there is no contact between the wires. The meter will be reattached once the installation process is complete and we will then test all the circuits. We might also perform a stress test to ensure the integrity of the breakers and connections.

Why Rock Electric

As the number one electrical services provider in King, Pierce, and Snohomish County, we always strive to leave no stone unturned in regards to quality for our customers. With a dedicated team, we are ever ready to do what it takes to give our clients a reliable, quick, neat, and stress-free service. As a family-owned business, at Rock Electric, we endeavor to provide our clients with premium service, quality work, and convenience. You will be able to see that in our neat and clean work and the labeled breakers that will assist you if you ever need to tweak them.

In our mission to live up to our boasts, we have employed the best electricians in King, Pierce, and Snohomish County who have years of experience under their belts. Not only do we promise to give you a premium service for the replacement process, but also assure the same post-sale services! Contact Rock Electric now for a quote and let us take care of all your electrical needs.

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